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Friday July 1, 2022
15:00The Steam Deck’s manual FSR mode gives it upscaling superpowers
AMD’s FixelityFX Super Resolution 2 is getting a lot of headlines these days. But the previous version of the tech is still pretty good, and it’s also integrated into AMD GPUs on a hardware level. That includes RDNA 2 APU systems, like the one crammed into the Steam Deck. ...   PC World
13:30Prime Day SSD & storage deals 2022: What to expect and early deals
Amazon’s summer version of Black Friday is just around the corner, and when Prime Day sales begin on July 12, they should bring juicy price drops on PC hardware. Prime Day SSD and storage deals in particular were a highlight in previous years—and you can already snag early discounts starting right now. ...   PC World
09:45Seagate Beskar Ingot SSD review: Fast SATA storage for Mandalorian fans
At a glanceExpert’s Rating ProsStylish with gamer and Sci-Fi appealGreat SATA performanceThree years free data recovery ConsVery pricey for the capacityMiddling TBW ratingRequires a computer that can show it offOur VerdictBilled as a collectable, Seagate’s Beskar Ingot SATA SSD is pricier than the norm. ...   PC World
09:30Google Stadia review: The console experience without the console
At a glanceExpert’s Rating ProsEase of access to the whole platform4K display support that genuinely worksSome fairly deep game discounts for Stadia Pro membersConsThe “Free” games with Stadia Pro have been somewhat lacklusterGame library is a bit behind the mainstreamOur VerdictGoogle Stadia offers a wide array of titles to choose from and its easy-to-use ...   PC World
07:00Get lifetime access to 1TB of secure Koofr cloud storage for just $140
Cloud-based file storage is convenient and safe. Unfortunately, it can also be expensive, which is why Koofr’s lifetime cloud storage packages, which require only a one-time payment, are a popular alternative worth considering. Unlike many other cloud storage services that require users to renew annually, Koofr provides lifetime subscriptions at a flat fee. ...   PC World
Thursday June 30, 2022
18:50The Full Nerd ep 221: CPU and GPU rumors with Moore’s Law Is Dead
In this special episode of The Full Nerd, Gordon Ung and Adam Patrick Murray are joined by Tom of Moore’s Laws is Dead to kick around the massive pile of CPU and GPU rumors that have been building up. ...   PC World
16:31Google’s password manager gets killer upgrades for Chrome, Android,...
Google’s ambitions to become your only password manager strengthened Friday with several security updates across the Chrome and mobile, including iOS. Google said it will administer site logins on Android, create new passwords for those that may have been compromised, and more. ...   PC World
14:53Best Prime Day monitor deals 2022: What to expect and early deals
Are you in the market for the latest high refresh rate monitor? If so, now is an excellent time to buy. Amazon Prime Day 2022 is just around the corner, which means you’re going to see a slew of awesome deals on monitors ahead of the event. If you’re not sure where to begin, don’t worry. We’re here to help you make informed decisions. ...   PC World
14:12Best Prime Day TV deals 2022: What to expect and early deals
The best Prime Day TV deals don’t necessarily have to occur on Prime Day, Amazon’s two-day sale that takes place on July 12 and 13, 2022. Below we’ve rounded up the best TV discounts in anticipation of Prime Day itself, focusing on Amazon deals, as well as deals from other retailers. ...   PC World
14:03AMD’s Pro-only Threadripper shift leaves HEDT enthusiasts out in the...
Since the introduction of the AM4 socket, AMD’s Threadripper ultra-high-end CPUs have been coveted as the very top of the consumer chip market. But AMD skipped Threadripper releases beyond the Ryzen 3000-based series released in early 2020, and as Ryzen 5000 bows out of the marketplace, the company is only releasing “Pro” variants of Threadripper 59XX chips. ...   PC World
13:30ShadowMaker 3.6 review: Fast imaging, sync, and disaster recovery
At a glanceExpert’s Rating ProsFast imaging, file, and folder backupDisk cloningFolder syncBacks up remote computersFree version (with ads)ConsSupports only WindowsPerpetual license is priceyOur VerdictShadowMaker is fast, easy, reliable backup and the free version nicely takes care of the basics. A Pro version with more features is available via subscription and perpetual licenses. ...   PC World
13:14I just used USB4 on an AMD Ryzen laptop and it’s amazing!
It never should have taken this long, but after a year of waiting, I have finally used USB4 ports on a laptop that doesn’t carry an Apple or Intel logo—and it’s simply glorious. ...   PC World
13:05Get massive storage for a tiny price with this $128 2TB SSD
It’s no secret that we love deals on SSDs. However, most of the time we’re focused on deals for NVMe drives since they’re the latest and greatest in storage. But let’s not forget how useful 2.5-inch SSDs can be. Right now, Amazon is selling the 2TB TeamGroup T-Force Vulcan Z for $128. That’s down from $160. ...   PC World
12:56Best Prime Day tablet deals 2022: Kindle Fire, iPad and more
Amazon sells more stuff than any other company on the planet. And one of the things that it sells the most of is tablets, specifically its own branded Fire tablets. So, when Amazon’s yearly celebration of consumerism begins, you can bet there will be plenty of Prime Day deals on tablets, especially low-price Android ones. ...   PC World
12:52See who’s knocking with these killer Ring Doorbell and Amazon Echo...
The annual summer sales bonanza, Prime Day, edges ever nearer. With the annual event right around the corner, Amazon has a couple of sales on its own devices. Today, we’re featuring Amazon’s sale on the Ring Video Doorbell and a few bundles. In order to take advantage of these deals, you have to be a prime member. ...   PC World
09:45Is Windows antivirus software still necessary in 2022?
For years, I’ve assumed that most people don’t need third-party antivirus tools and have cheerily passed this suggestion along to others. After all, Microsoft’s Windows Security suite (also known as Windows Defender or Microsoft Defender) provides built-in virus protection for your PC, and it doesn’t cost a dime. ...   PC World
09:30The best laptops for kids: Best overall, best battery life, and more
Are you looking to buy a laptop for your kiddo? If so, the team at PCWorld is here to help. Gone are the days when laptops were nothing but a luxury buy. Nowadays, they’re essential tools for education, especially for elementary or middle school students. That said, kids are going to be…kids. ...   PC World
07:00Buy this refurbished Asus Flip Chromebook for just $60 while supplies...
Some people only use their computers for basic tasks such as browsing the web, checking email, and viewing documents. So, if their needs are so simple, why are they spending hundreds on overpowered PCs? Alternatively, Chromebooks — like this refurbished Asus Flip —  can do what they need far more affordably. ...   PC World
Wednesday June 29, 2022
20:10This new privacy feature in Firefox strips tracking info from links
You know how when you copy some links, the URL turns out to be insanely long? You might recognize the first part of the URL as a normal link, but everything that comes after it is just a Byzantine collection of letters, numbers, and symbols. For example: best-gaming-laptops. ...   PC World
17:05The Steam Deck is perfect for tactics RPG nerds: 24 games tested
Tactical RPGs have roots way back in the ancient times of gaming, almost as old as standard JRPGs themselves. But the hybrid of strategy and story-based gaming is having a renaissance on modern PCs, with AAA titles like XCOM sitting next to new indie darlings like Into the Breach and refreshed classics like Disgaea. ...   PC World
17:00Best Prime Day laptop deals 2022: What to expect and early deals
If you’ve been shopping around for a brand new laptop, you’re in luck. Amazon Prime Day 2022 is slated to arrive on July 12 and 13, 2022. However, you can find some killer laptop deals ahead of the two-day event. Prime Day is Amazon’s annual event that offers awesome deals on everything from headphones and laptops to pool noodles and sundresses. ...   PC World
14:36Best Prime Day GPU deals 2022: Early discounts on graphics cards
Prime Day is Amazon’s annual smorgasbord of consumerism, a parade of deals that lasts multiple days. This year it’s scheduled for July 12th and 13th. ...   PC World
13:41Sony’s swanky PS5 monitors and headsets play nice with gaming PCs
Take a stroll down the halls of /r/battlestations, and it won’t be long before you start spotting a bunch of gaming PC setups that include the latest game consoles, too. PC gaming monitors that play nice with high-end consoles aren’t a new idea, but Sony is taking an opposite approach with its latest “Inzone” accessories. ...   PC World
13:30Blanket your home in Wi-Fi with a trio of Eero 6 mesh routers for $194
If you’re a Prime member, you can speed up your home Wi-Fi for under $200 today. Leading up to Prime Day, Amazon is selling a three-pack of the Amazon Eero 6 Plus for $194. The units can cover up to 4,500 square feet in a snuggly blanket of Wi-Fi 6 goodness. ...   PC World
12:53Save $410 on this RTX 3060-powered gaming desktop
Celebrate liberty with a brand new desktop PC at a liberating price. HP is selling its Victus by HP 15L gaming desktop for $990 with the checkout code 10JULY4HP. That’s $410 off the MSRP. Not a bad price for a solid 1080p gaming desktop. The CPU is an Intel “Alder Lake” Core i7-12700 with 12 cores (8 performance, 4 efficiency) and 20 total threads. ...   PC World
11:51Best Prime Day computer deals 2022: What to expect and early deals
It’s almost Amazon Prime Day and that means you can score some substantial discounts on all kinds of products, including deals on desktop PCs. So, if you’ve been looking to upgrade your home office computer or gaming desktop, Prime Day may present the perfect opportunity. ...   PC World
09:45How to make AI art: DALL-E mini, AI Dungeon, and more
Not all of us have the talent to whip up a piece of art at a moment’s notice. But algorithms using machine learning are learning how to create “AI art” based on text prompts—and you can use them, too. It’s fantastically fun. ...   PC World
09:30LG DualUp 28MQ780-B review: You’ve never used a monitor like this...
At a glanceExpert’s Rating ProsUnique aspect ratio is useful for photo, video editingMakes an awesome second monitor Highly adjustable stand Vivid, accurate colorConsDifficult to fit in a small home office USB-C port offers limited downstream connectivity Can lack immersion in some contentOur VerdictThough it may not appeal to the masses, the LG ...   PC World
07:00Score over six hours of affiliate marketing e-training for just $30
Practically everyone could use more money. But not everyone has the time to take on a second job. Wish there were another option? The Step-by-Step Affiliate Marketing Mastery Bundle will show you how to get started for just $29.99. The Step-by-Step Affiliate Marketing Mastery Bundle features six beginner-friendly courses that show students how to start earning passive income. ...   PC World
Tuesday June 28, 2022
18:53Prime Day Chromebook deals 2022: What to expect and early deals
Prime Day is Amazon’s members-only deals event scheduled for July 12 and 13, 2022. In this article, you’ll find PCWorld’s top picks for Prime Day Chromebook deals—the best discounts we could find on Chromebooks from Amazon and other retailers. ...   PC World
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Friday July 1, 2022
15:53Tone2 updates Electra to v2.9.5 - Apple Silicon Support
Tone2 Audio has updated the synthesizer-workstation Electra to v2.9.5. The update is available for free for all Electra2 users. It adds native Apple M1 Arm support... Read More   KVR Audio
15:43RJ Studios releases "Pristine Peaks" - Ultra-low Distortion Peak...
RJ Studios has released Pristine Peaks, an Ultra-low Distortion Peak Limiter. Pristine Peaks uses a unique approach to peak limiting that does not employ saturation or clipping... Read More   KVR Audio
15:37Toontrack updates Superior Drummer 3 and EZdrummer
Toontrack has released updates for Superior Drummer 3 and EZdrummer. Superior Drummer 3.3.2 General: A splash screen is shown at startup of the standalone (to earlier... Read More   KVR Audio
10:19ircamLab updates TS2 to v2.2.3 - Apple Silicon M1 Native Compatibility
ircamLab has updated TS2, the powerful audio toolbox application to edit, transform, time-stretch and pitch-shift audio files, to v2.2.3. New Features: Apple Silicon... Read More   KVR Audio
10:04Voxengo releases "r8brain PRO" Sample Rate Converter v2.10 for Windows...
Voxengo has updated r8brain PRO, the sample rate converter tool for 64-bit Windows and, now, macOS computers, to v2.10. Version 2.10 includes the following changes: Added... Read More   KVR Audio
08:38Cherry Audio releases Galactic Reverb with Intro Offer
Cherry Audio has announced the latest release in their growing line of plugin effects processors, Galactic Reverb, an algorithmic effects plugin that captures the expansive... Read More   KVR Audio
08:34Audiolounge releases Sliderman - Compressor / Limiter Plugin
Audiolounge has announced the release of Sliderman, a new compressor / limiter plugin for macOS and Windows. Here's what they say: Don't let your creative flow... Read More   KVR Audio
04:17Ginger Audio releases "GroundControl CASTER" - Free Audio Routing Hub...
Ginger Audio has announced the release of GroundControl CASTER, a free audio hub for Mac. This release replaces GroundControl Cube & Caster with an all-in-one software to... Read More   KVR Audio
Thursday June 30, 2022
14:28apulSoft updates apTrigga3 to v3.7.1
apulSoft has updated apTrigga3 to v3.7.1. Changes: New 'Input Layers' feed the plugin input through the sampler engine. This transforms apTrigga3 into a percussive... Read More   KVR Audio
13:52Acon Digital updates Extract:Dialogue to v1.2 with Improved AI Model
Acon Digital has updated their dialogue noise suppression plug-in, Extract:Dialogue, to version 1.2. The plug-in separates dialogue from common types of background noise such as wind, rustle,... Read More   KVR Audio
11:51Empirical Labs releases Arousor LT with Intro Offer
Empirical Labs has announced the release of Arousor LT, a simplified version of Arousor, the classic knee compressor plug-in flagship, with identical processing. Here's what... Read More   KVR Audio
11:44Solid State Logic releases X-Gate Plug-in
Solid State Logic has announced the release of its latest plug-in: SSL X-Gate. The new plug-in is available now in several formats including VST2, VST3, AAX and AU as part of the ever-growing... Read More   KVR Audio
11:30Bitwig Studio updated to v4.3
Bitwig has announced that Bitwig Studio v4.3 is now available. The new version introduces some new devices (Convolution and Delay+), improvements to flagship synthesizers,... Read More   KVR Audio
11:14Native Instruments releases "Session Guitarist - Electric Mint" in ...
Native Instruments has released Session Guitarist - Electric Mint, their latest collaboration with Drumasonic, and the newest installment in their guitar-focused series of Kontakt-based... Read More   KVR Audio
10:52smaolab releases free Tarabia MK1, TaraTube & TaraLead plugins for...
Smaolab has announced the release of Tarabia, TaraLead and TaraTube for Linux: Tarabia is a singular Indian distortion plugin. Taratube brings nice and clean tube flavors to your... Read More   KVR Audio
09:14UnitedPlugins updates Electrum and Bassment amp simulations
UnitedPlugins has updated their Electrum and Bassment amp simulation solutions for both electric guitar and bass. The new versions of Electrum (1.7) and Bassment (1.2) have... Read More   KVR Audio
08:20Full Bucket Music releases the blooo in the new CLAP format for...
Full Bucket Music has released the blooo synthesizer in the new CLAP format. Currently it is Windows only, but a Mac version will follow soon. Features: Up to 64 voices... Read More   KVR Audio
08:15Soundiron releases "David Oliver's Drum Kit" for Kontakt Player & NKS...
Soundiron has released David Oliver's Drum Kit, a deeply sampled red 1980's Pearl DLX drumset, handpicked and performed by British instrumentalist and media composer David... Read More   KVR Audio
08:14ANWIDA Soft Phaser plug-in is now available for free
After offering their Tremolo, Filter and C-Delay plugins for free for a few months, ANWIDA Soft has announced that their Phaser plugin will be available for free.... Read More   KVR Audio
08:132MGT / Metamusic Generative Tools releases "Auralis" - Free...
2MGT / Metamusic Generative Tools has released Auralis, a free experimental ambient tool for Windows. Details: Standalone tool application for Windows. Four layers Synthesizer.... Read More   KVR Audio
Wednesday June 29, 2022
11:56Applied Computer Music Technologies releases free ACM-3SA plug-in for...
Applied Computer Music Technologies has released the ACM-3SA passive filter plug-in for Linux. The plug-in emulates 12dB / octave low-cut (high-pass) and high-cut (low-pass)... Read More   KVR Audio
11:44Hidenori Matsuoka releases Piano Kit 5.0 and updates Guitar Kit to...
Hidenori Matsuoka has updated Piano Kit to version 5.0. This update adds Pad Mode to Chord Sheet. Pad Mode avoids any editing of Chord Sheet, so users can focus on playing by tapping.... Read More   KVR Audio
11:31Techivation releases T-Exciter - A Musical-Sounding Exciter Plug-in
Techivation has announced the release of T-Exciter, a 'simplified yet advanced plug-in for adding more excitement and energy to sounds', saying: The Techivation... Read More   KVR Audio
11:22Sub51 releases Drop Pad 2.0 for Kontakt and Komplete Kontrol
Sub51 and Soundtrax have announced the release of Drop Pad 2.0, which adds new features to further enhance its creative possibilities. Drop Pad, which comes with a large sample... Read More   KVR Audio
05:45GS DSP updates MagicDelay & MagicPitch
GS DSP has updated MagicDelay to version 2022.2 and MagicPitch to version 2022.1. Although this is a minor update they've included some nice new features to extend the ways... Read More   KVR Audio
Tuesday June 28, 2022
22:00Lese releases Strum - Intuitive Multiband Delay AU / VST3 Plugin
Lese has released Strum, a 'Sound Strummer', available as a VST3 / AU audio plugin. Here is what they are saying: Designed to make spectral delays easier to use,... Read More   KVR Audio
15:15Heavyocity releases Foundations Nylon Guitar - Free Kontakt Player...
Heavyocity Media has announced the release of Foundations Nylon Guitar, the third installment in Heavyocity's all-new line of free virtual instruments. Foundations Nylon Guitar... Read More   KVR Audio
12:19UnitedPlugins releases new plugin for Bass - Bassment Core
UnitedPlugins has introduced a lightweight edition of their bass guitar solution, Bassment. Bassment Core is available now with an introductory discount (€49/€9). They say:... Read More   KVR Audio
08:58ElephantDSP updates free Room Reverb to v0.6.0 - Adds LV2 and...
ElephantDSP has updated Room Reverb to version 0.6.0. The latest release adds LV2 support for Linux as well as experimental CLAP support for Windows, macOS and... Read More   KVR Audio
06:41ANWIDA announce Soft Phaser plug-in is now available for free
After offering their Tremolo, Filter and C-Delay plugins for free for a few months, ANWIDA Soft has announced that their Phaser plugin will be available for free.... Read More   KVR Audio
Software Updates sites      Show / hide descriptions
Friday July 1, 2022
11:06Alexander Andrews releases hearEQ: Ear training for EQ v2.6.0
iPhone, iPad / Education / Games, Ear Trainig: hearEQ builds your EQ skills to professional levels using custom ear training exercises, created just for you from your favorite songs. Simple, powerful, and fast, hearEQ is perfect for ear training on the go. Named one of 'The best iPhone and iPad...   440Software
03:13STAMER Group releases LUCAS NANO REMOTE v1.0.13
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Controllers: LUCAS NANO 608i, the world’s first all-in-one PA, features an integrated eight-channel digital mixer which is iPad-enabled for ultra-convenient wireless access. Professional-grade EQs, compressors and reverb effects serve as powerful sound-shaping tools. With...   440Software
Thursday June 30, 2022
19:20Daikyouju releases Charango Tuner Pro v3.4
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Tuners: Tune your charango with precision and ease, within seconds! · The most accurate - displays the exact sound frequency in Hz. · Charango Chords library - find any chord with just two swipes. · Instant load and fastest tuning - the only tuner optimized for 64 bit....   440Software
Wednesday June 29, 2022
19:29WaveMachine Labs releases Auria LE v2.330
iPhone, iPad / Portable Studio / MultiTracks: Auria LE is a 'lite' version of Auria with a very limited set of features. If you'd like a more complete version of Auria, we suggest looking at either Auria or Auria Pro. These are also available in the App Store. 'This is the first mobile mixing...   440Software
07:10Thomas Gunter releases Guitar Scales & Chords Power v2.4
iPhone, iPad / Education / Chords and Scales: Learn scales, chords and the relationship between them to improve your guitar playing. Keep in tune with the tuner and play with the metronome to improve your rhythm when practicing chords and scales. Practice playing with scale position loops to...   440Software
Tuesday June 28, 2022
19:20Xilica Audio Design releases Xilica XTouch v4.5.0
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Controllers: Easily deploy BYOD into your AV installation with Xilica XTouch iOS app for Xilica Solaro Series devices. Easily develop UI control of Solaro and networked third-party devices using Xilica's Designer software with simple drag-and-drop configuration. Please...   440Software
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