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Thursday August 17, 2017
23:50OkCupid bans white supremacist “for life,î asks daters to report others
Enlarge (credit: OkCupid) Dating site OkCupid made the unusual move of announcing that it had given a single member a 'lifetime' ban on Thursday—and naming him—in order to make a point. 'We were alerted that white supremacist Chris Cantwell was on OkCupid,' the company wrote at its official Twitter account on Thursday. 'Within 10 minutes, we banned him for life. ...   Ars Technica
21:15Sharp sues Hisense over a foreign “gag orderî
Enlarge / Hisense televisions at the Consumer Electronics Show in Asia in 2015. (credit: STR/AFP/Getty Images) Sharp, a Japanese electronics manufacturer, has filed a lawsuit challenging a foreign gag order that company lawyers say prevents Sharp from talking about its own brand. ...   Ars Technica
21:05Hyundai looks to build a >300-mile-range electric car
Enlarge / Signage for an electric car charging booth is displayed at Federation Square car park in Melbourne, Australia, on Friday, April 28, 2017. Photographer: Carla Gottgens/Bloomberg via Getty Images (credit: Bloomberg / Getty Images) On Thursday, Hyundai said that it intends to produce a long-range electric vehicle by 2021 that will be capable of traveling 310 miles on a charge. ...   Ars Technica
20:33Final Defenders trailer gives us the best kind of villain
This is the final trailer for Defenders, which hits Netflix tomorrow. The long-awaited Neflix series Defenders premieres tomorrow, bringing together Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist—all of whom have already starred in their own series for the streaming network. The final Defenders trailer teases us with our longest look yet at bad guy Alexandra (Sigourney Weaver). ...   Ars Technica
18:43How the tech sector can legally justify breaking ties to extremists
Enlarge / CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA—A woman leaves a note on the ground as people gather at a memorial for Heather Heyer after her funeral service on Wednesday. Heyer was killed after a car rammed into a group of people during a planned Unite the Right rally last Saturday. The Daily Stormer's celebration of the death sparked a tech-sector backlash against extremism. ...   Ars Technica
18:10Verizon is selling a Miracast dongle for $20
Similar to an Android phone, your Windows 10 device has a type of casting built-in—but depending on your hardware you may not be able to use it. Right now, you can change that by picking up a Belkin Miracast Video Adapter from Verizon for $20. That's about $20 cheaper than what you'll find elsewhere. ...   PC World
17:58Rare pubic-grooming data reveals injuries, odd habits, and nicked bits
Be careful in there. (credit: TJStamp) Trimming and shaping the shrubbery down below can be dangerous business, according to a new study. Combing through survey responses from a nationally representative group of 7,456 US adults, researchers at University of California, San Francisco, found that 76 percent (5,674) were pubic groomers. ...   Ars Technica
16:50AT&T’s attempt to stall Google Fiber construction thrown out by judge
Enlarge (credit: Google Fiber) AT&T has lost a court case in which it tried to stall construction by Google Fiber in Louisville, Kentucky. AT&T sued the local government in Louisville and Jefferson County in February 2016 to stop a One Touch Make Ready Ordinance designed to give Google Fiber and other new ISPs quicker access to utility poles. ...   Ars Technica
16:17Health benefits of wind and solar offset all subsidies
Enlarge Wind and solar energy are obviously essential in reducing carbon emissions, but they also have a remarkable side effect: saving lives. As they edge out fossil fuels, renewables are reducing not just carbon emissions, but also other air pollutants. And the result is an improvement in air quality, with a corresponding drop in premature deaths. ...   Ars Technica
16:07Neo-Nazi Daily Stormer loses its Russian domain, too
Putin us on. (credit: Presidential Press and Information Office) When the Daily Stormer lost control of domain in the face of a social media protest, the infamous hate site sought virtual refuge in Russia. For a few hours on Wednesday, the site re-appeared at the domain '' before the site lost DDoS protection from CloudFlare and disappeared from the Web once again. ...   Ars Technica
15:55New feature in iOS 11 quickly and temporarily disables Touch ID
Enlarge (credit: Andrew Cunningham) Apple is slated to release iOS 11 to all users this fall, but with the public beta available for anyone to try, some previously unannounced features have been discovered. According to a report from The Verge, a feature in the updated operating system allows users to easily change settings so your fingers can't unlock your iPhone using Touch ID. ...   Ars Technica
15:32Oldest Antarctic ice ever found shows climate of 2.7 million years ago
(credit: NASA/EO) Antarctic ice cores have recorded an impressive span of climatic history for us, covering the last 800,000 years. But scientists are greedy, always looking to go back just a little further. Climate records based on things like seafloor sediment cores already take us much further back, but ice cores can reveal unique details. ...   Ars Technica
14:49FCC’s claim that it was hit by DDoS should be investigated, lawmakers...
Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Kheng ho Toh) Two Democratic members of Congress today called for an independent investigation into the Federal Communications Commission's claim that it suffered DDoS attacks on May 8, when the net neutrality public comments system went offline. ...   Ars Technica
14:39Without Nathan Drake, Uncharted: Lost Legacy is still just Uncharted
Enlarge / I'm legit proud of this screenshot, even though I didn't really do much except hit a button. Can Uncharted really be Uncharted without Nathan Drake? For nearly a decade now, the cinematic action-adventure series has been as tightly linked to its main character as the Indiana Jones movies are to, well, Indiana Jones. ...   Ars Technica
14:22Major revamp of the Google app starts rolling out to Android users
The Google Feed, Google's revamp and rebrand of its 'Google Now' card feed inside of the Google app, is rolling out to Android users. The Feed is mostly a new coat of paint for features that already existed, but let's cover what's here. The first is the new tabbed-Feed interface. Open the Google app and at the bottom you'll see three sets of tabs: 'Home,' 'Upcoming,' and 'Recent. ...   Ars Technica
14:01Another feature slips out of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
Story Remix. The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is losing another of its more exciting features. In July, Microsoft said that the Timeline and Pick Up Where I Left Off features would be delayed until a later release. Now it has been confirmed that Story Remix, the new photo and video app, won't include its impressive 3D capabilities either. ...   Ars Technica
13:35Yes, it really has taken NASA 11 years to develop a parachute
Enlarge / A test model of the Orion spacecraft, with its parachutes, is tested in Arizona. (credit: NASA) Last week, NASA’s acting chief technologist, Douglas Terrier, visited one of NASA’s main contractors in the Houston area, Jacobs. ...   Ars Technica
13:22Cox starts charging $50 extra per month for unlimited data
(credit: Cox) Cox is now charging its customers $50 extra each month for unlimited data. Cox also introduced a $30-per-month charge that adds 500GB to the standard 1TB data plan. Cox customers who go over the 1TB cap without having purchased extra or unlimited data pay a $10 charge for each additional 50GB. Naturally, 'unused data does not roll over,' Cox says. ...   Ars Technica
13:12We may have caught supernova debris slamming into neighboring stars
Enlarge / When the smaller star finally explodes, its companion will obviously get hit by the debris. (credit: Fermilab) Supernovae are some of the most energetic events in the Universe, sending massive shock waves out into the interstellar medium. And there's every reason to think those shock waves run into things before they've had much of a chance to dissipate. ...   Ars Technica
12:4160% off Logitech G105 Gaming Keyboard - Deal Alert
The G105 gaming keyboard from Logitech features dual-level LED backlighting, fully programmable g-keys for single actions and macros, and anti-ghosting capabilities. Program 3 macros per key -- configure up to 18 unique functions per game. Program single keystrokes, complex macros or intricate LUA scripts. Record new macros on the fly while you're in the game. ...   PC World
12:3265% off AcuRite Refrigerator/Freezer Wireless Digital Thermometer -...
How often do you check temps in your fridge or freezer? With the AcuRite wireless fridge/freezer thermometer you can be sure that your food is being stored at safe temperatures. It displays the refrigerator temperature, freezer temperature and the high / low temperatures recorded for each. An alarm notifies you audibly and visually when temperatures exceed your customizable presets. ...   PC World
11:00FDA slams more homeopaths for playing fast and loose with toxic...
Enlarge / Contains belladonna, aka deadly nightshade. (credit: Homeolab) The Food and Drug Administration sent a sharp letter this month to a Canadian-based homeopathic pharmaceutical manufacturer named Homeolab USA. ...   Ars Technica
10:00Kobo Aura H20 Edition 2 review: A waterproof e-reader worthy of your...
While not indestructible, this Kindle competitor can survive being submerged in water.   PC World
09:35Lawsuit revived over Apple retail workers’ pay during security checks
Enlarge (credit: sammy owen) Should Apple retail workers in California be paid for time spent having their purses, backpacks and other belongings checked to make sure they didn't steal any of Cupertino's goods—after they have punched out? Ruling in a class-action lawsuit brought by Apple retail workers, a federal judge answered 'no'—California law doesn't require Apple to pay for that ...   Ars Technica
09:30The best educational software for students
As you prepare to start a new school year, make sure your PC gets the attention it deserves (if you’re in the market for a new PC, be sure to check out PCWorld’s best cheap laptops and best laptops of 2017 picks). The hardware is important, but loading your PC with the right educational software can give you a big leg up. ...   PC World
09:00Google Home and Chromecast vs. Amazon Echo and Fire TV: Which is the...
Hands-free remote battle: Amazon Alexa and Fire TV vs. Google Home and Chromecast   PC World
01:47CloudFlare CEO says his Daily Stormer takedown was “arbitraryî and...
Enlarge / Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince at a 2014 TechCrunch Disrupt conference in London. (credit: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images for TechCrunch) Until recently, CloudFlare prided itself on its unwavering commitment to free speech. Even when he was criticized for providing service to alleged terrorist groups in 2013, CEO Matthew Prince stood firm, insisting that 'a website is speech. ...   Ars Technica
Wednesday August 16, 2017
23:25Web hosting, CDN companies torn as to how to respond to racist websites
Enlarge (credit: Squarespace) Some tech companies that provide hosting, domain, and CDN services to many of the most prominent hate groups are now re-evaluating those decisions in the wake of recent far-right violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. However, other firms are holding their course in the name of free speech principles. ...   Ars Technica
23:23EVE Valkyrie's Warzone update brings CCP's VR dogfighter to normal...
We’ve seen quite a few virtual reality projects that are just ported from normal screens to fancy goggles—Half-Life 2 was a notable early adopter, with Superhot, ARK, Tabletop Simulator, Elite Dangerous, and more taking the same route. But a game starting in VR and then heading to normal screens? That’s a weird one.That’s what CCP is doing with EVE Valkyrie though. ...   PC World
21:32Internet turns on white supremacists and neo-Nazis with doxing,...
Enlarge / Neo Nazis, Alt-Right, and White Supremacists encircle counter protestors at the base of a statue of Thomas Jefferson after marching through the University of Virginia campus with torches in Charlottesville, Va., USA on August 11, 2017. Photos of marchers are being used to identify and shame them on social media. ...   Ars Technica
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Tuesday August 15, 2017
14:58Stone Voices releases PolyGAS - Free Granular Synth VSTi for Windows
Stone Voices has released version 2.0 of PolyGAS (Polyphonic Granular Advanced Synthesizer), a free Granular Synth VST instrument plug-in for Windows. Main features: 32-part polyphony. Support [Read More]   KVR Audio
12:05Plugin Alliance & Fiedler Audio release "stage" Stereo Toolkit Plugin...
Plugin Alliance has announced availability of stage, a new plug-in from PA partner fiedler audio that enhances the inherent ambience in any source signal by applying advanced spatial and stereo [Read More]   KVR Audio
11:40Toontrack announces Superior Drummer 3
Toontrack has announced that Superior Drummer 3 will be released worldwide on September 12, 2017. Building on the legacy of its predecessor, Superior Drummer 3 was redesigned from the ground [Read More]   KVR Audio
08:01FXpansion releases BFD Vintage Rock Grooves - Groove Pack for BFD3
FXpansion has announced the release of BFD Vintage Rock Grooves for BFD3. Inspired by classic rock music from the 60's and 70's, Vintage Rock Grooves includes 11 Groove Palettes featuring a generous [Read More]   KVR Audio
07:42Roland announces DJ-505 and DJ-202 DJ Controllers, plus Membership...
Roland has announced the DJ-505 and DJ-202, two new DJ controllers for Serato DJ. Equipped with features derived from the DJ-808 DJ Controller, the DJ-505 and DJ-202 offer onboard Roland TR [Read More]   KVR Audio
07:38AngelicVibes releases 808 Bloodline VST / AU Plugin for Mac & Win
After spending countless hours sound designing and programming, AngelicVibes has released their first plugin called the 808 Bloodline VST. After their success with the 808 Bloodline Kontakt Library, [Read More]   KVR Audio
07:35Rogue Amoeba updates Audio Hijack to v3.3.5
Rogue Amoeba has updated Audio Hijack to v3.3.5. Changes: Major Enhancement: Instant On has been updated to version 8.4.4, with important crash fixes for MacOS 10.13. There are also improvements [Read More]   KVR Audio
07:34Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.0.8 for Mac
Audio Helper Project has updated Samplism to version 1.0.8. New Features: Added a feature to playback or export only individual channel with a single click in the Waveform view. Added a feature [Read More]   KVR Audio
Monday August 14, 2017
15:00Liqube Audio updates Resonic Player and Pro Audio Player and Sample...
Liqube Audio has updated Resonic, an audio player and sample manager for Windows, to v0.8.9b. This release updates both Player and Pro, and introduces the first set of Pro features for batch [Read More]   KVR Audio
11:00HoRNet updates HTS9 Guitar Overdrive to v1.1.0
HorNet has updated HTS9, their vintage overdrive guitar pedal, to version 1.1.0. This feature update includes: Added switch to disable or enable output compensation. The update is free for current [Read More]   KVR Audio
10:23Detunized releases "Cappa Duemils Dos" Live Pack/Universal Sound...
Detunized has released Cappa Duemila Dos, continuing the K-2000 sound library series made by Jacob Korn. Again he delved into his endless treasure chest of versatile synth patches and he came [Read More]   KVR Audio
08:49n-Track Studio 8 updated for Android (v8.1.0) and iOS (v1.2)
The mobile versions of n-Track Studio has been updated for Android and iOS. New in n-Track Studio 8.1.0 for Android: New loop and trim widgets allow to loop a portion of an audio part. New widget [Read More]   KVR Audio
08:11Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio to v8.4
Bremmers Audio Design has released version 8.4 of MultitrackStudio for Mac and Windows. Changes: Windows 10: audio playback device can be used in 'shared mode', so other programs can use it while [Read More]   KVR Audio
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Thursday August 17, 2017
14:08Coffeeshopped LLC releases Patch Touch: for Yamaha DX/TX v2.5.1
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Controllers: Patch Touch for Yamaha DX/TX is a patch editor for the Yamaha DX7, DX7II, TX7, TX802, and TX816 synthesizers. If you have one of these synths then this is the editor for you! Patch Touch gives you touch-based control over all of the voice parameters on your DX...   440Software
Wednesday August 16, 2017
20:33Dominik Seibold releases Spectrogram Pro (with super-smooth 60Hz...
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Analysis: Spectrogram Pro does a real-time spectral analysis of the sounds around you. You can use it for discovering hidden images in music, analyzing birdsongs or capturing that annoying high frequency whistling of your electronic device. You can choose between four...   440Software
17:02JS900 releases Trumpet Playing Master Class v1.1
iPhone, iPad / Education / Courses: Improve your Trumpet playing with this collection of 243 tutorial video lessons. There are lessons from beginners to advanced and you are sure to learn plenty about the Trumpet along the way. Tutorials include: James Morrisons trumpet tutorial Part 1...   440Software
14:05SmileyApps, LLC releases Piano Tutor for iPad v7.3
iPhone, iPad / Education / Courses: Featured as one of 'The best piano apps for iPad' - Piano Tutor for iPad is the best companion to your music lessons!! 'This is a great app to keep my piano students productive while they wait for their siblings to finish their lesson, or just...   440Software
11:08Alain Kong releases learn sight read music notes tutor - 1 Solfa v2.7
iPhone, iPad / Education / Courses: Solfa. Learn to sight read music notes. Sight read in G & F Clef. Notes above and below staff. Span 6 octaves. Applies to any instrument. Notes generated randomly and not limited to a repeating set. Switch between clefs for even more fun. Answer key for...   440Software
08:11Blue Note Software LLC. releases Blue Note: Learn to read music notes...
iPhone, iPad / Education / Games, Ear Trainig: Learn to read music notes in minutes by memorizing one set of notes at a time via random repetition. Begin at level one and build musical note recognition while advancing through all levels until all notes have been mastered. Get...   440Software
Tuesday August 15, 2017
20:23Fonexsis releases Two Handed Touch Guitar Chords v3.0
iPhone, iPad / Education / Chords and Scales: Introducing a brand new material for guitarists: Two Handed Touch Guitar Chords for your mobile device! Demo video: Two handed touch guitar technique is known since 80-ties. Famous guitarists like Stanley...   440Software
14:08Infinaut Technologies, Inc releases Banjo Companion v4.3.0
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Strings: While we've received alot of great feedback about Banjo Companion, there were some complaints. 'In landscape mode the fretboard is backwards!', people complained. 'What about lefties?', several of you asked. 'How about European notation?' 'This isn't...   440Software
11:12Shure releases ShurePlus MOTIV v2.1.2
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Audio Editing: Use the ShurePlusââ€û¢ MOTIV app for high-quality digital recording and editing with any MOTIV microphone or as a stand-alone tool. Features • Make real-time adjustments to the MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone: Polar pattern selection...   440Software
Monday August 14, 2017
20:34Songtive releases Piano Companion v6.11.726
iPhone, iPad / Education / Chords and Scales: Piano Companion is a flexible piano chords and scales dictionary with user libraries and reverse mode with a flexible chord progression builder. If you can’t remember the name of a chord or scale, this app helps you to find it by keys. For...   440Software
17:51Eun Jae Lee releases Diatonic Scale v5.4.5
iPhone, iPad / Education / Games, Ear Trainig: This App 'Diatonic Scale' is a handy tool for all musicians. The App will help you to develop a perfect pitch as well. Ear training and music training require some preparation even before the start. Now it is easy with ‘Diatonic Scales’....   440Software
13:33Hopefully Useful Software releases EasyBeats Drum Machine MPC v3.0.7
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Drums: Nothing Beats Easy! Now with all drum kits unlocked and the ability to import your own! No need to spend hundreds on a hardware MPC. EasyBeats is built from the ground up to be the quickest and easiest way to create great sounding beats. Despite being...   440Software
11:24Alexander Rutkowskij releases Player Clock v1.1
iPhone, iPad / Tools / Metronomes: Player Clock is a clock with an integrated music player continuous color change (all colors).LED design.full rotation, hide colors change.on, off auto music player CD Cover.use you entire iPod music.clock mode 12h,...   440Software
09:15Markus Sigg releases OttOrgan v6.5
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Others: OttOrgan lets you play the Ott-Orgel sampleset of Christian Datzko on a MIDI keyboard attached to your iOS device. The Ott organ is a house organ with five ranks at one manual plus attached pedal. If you would like to use the sampleset with other software, you...   440Software
07:07Song Zhang releases Notation Pad - Sheet Music Creator v1.4.0
iPhone, iPad / Education / Sheet Music & Tablatures: A great sheet music notation app on iOS. For any music lover, Notation Pad gives you the ability to read, compose, edit, playback scores and write lyrics. With it you can be a talented composer and great musician anywhere. As long as you have a...   440Software
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