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Ableton releases Live v8.1.1 update

Wednesday December 30, 2009. 03:14 PM, by Nantho Music Software > Ableton
Music Software : Ableton releases Live v8.1.1 update - pcmusicAbleton has released Live v8.1.1. This update addresses a long list of bugs :

• A very short MIDI note at the beginning of a clip would not be audible. [6130]
• Recording via 'Resampling' would not properly compensate latency. [6124]
Under certain conditions, it would be possible to get 2 Arranger tracks highlighted. [6144]
• Using the Launchpad as control surface and additionally for manual mappings would not always work properly.
• When installing Live Packs which have dependencies to other content, Live would show the corresponding message twice. [6153]
• Using a Rex file could crash Live. [6157]
• 'lock control surface' function would not properly work in user remote scripts. [6064]
• A particular Live set could not be loaded and would lead to a 'Invalid Product ID Error' message. [6165]
• In the Arranger, punch In/Out would delay notes by the 'punch in time' in beats. [6167]
• Using the pads of the Akai MPD18 would not work properly.
• Having a Live set with particular Drum Racks could increase the CPU usage of the main thread, which would result in very slow graphical updates. [6181]
• Installing a new Library from within a second running instance of Live could crash Live. [6171]
• Certain operations like sample crop/reverse/replace would remove the tempo envelope. [6179]
• Using Novation's Launchpad, when switching between Automap and Live control would not work properly.
• Under certain conditions, editing or creating parameter automation would not work properly. [6188]
• Playing a 32-bit audio file immediately after a 16-bit audio file could cause a click in the audio. [6152]
• Moving the last track out of a track group onto a closed group track in the Arranger could crash Live. [6193]
• In the Auto Pan device, switching shape to random would not show the 'Width' knob. [6192]
• Loading a Max device would crash if Pluggo was already active.
• It would not be possible to create a new Project in the File Browser if the root is set to 'Workspace'.
• Fine tuning of macro knobs would not work via key modifier. [6180]
• Starting clips via the Launchpad while changing parameters via mouse could crash Live. [6143]
• Moving the mouse over a certain Sampler preset could crash Live. [6207]
• Loading a Live set containing not yet authorized add-ons could crash Live. [6203]
• Under certain conditions, fade creation would not work properly. [6195]
• An Ableton preset of a third party plug-in would not change the On/Off mapping range. [5652]
• Receiving an invalid parameter index from Max could crash Live.
• Inverting a macro mapping range would not work properly. [6238]
• Under certain conditions, extracting an existing groove from a clip would crash Live. [6235]
• Having a Max device sending many blob changes during saving could crash Live.
• A malformed database file would interrupt user interactions like renaming files, saving presets, recording, etc. [6230]
• Having a particular Live set loaded and searching for media files could crash Live. [6241]
• On Mac OS X, under certain conditions, making Live the foreground window could lead to a crash.
• The context menu of a frozen clip would have enabled audio fades commands. [6253]
• In the Arranger, changing the mixer properties like volume, pan etc. would not show the changed value in the status bar. [3238]
• Having a multi selection of Arranger track and use the 'Show Automation' command would destroy the selection. [6243]
• Choosing a custom VST directory within the preferences would not keep this new directory until the next start of Live if the required rescan leads to a crash. [6190]
• On Mac OS X, duplicating a track with Fab Filter Twin 1+2 could crash Live. [6063]
• The Looper display would use the wrong colour in 'play' mode. [6234]
Holding SHIFT + Space Bar would make the transport play button flicker. [6227]
• The area to click on an Arranger clip would be too small by a few pixels. [6261]
• Particular Live sets, especially with a lot of transient data, could not be loaded. [6263]
• Pasting 3 unstretched and crossfaded Arranger clips could crash Live [6289]

This update is free for all registered users.
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